The Democratic Party platform presents a powerful, pragmatic vision for a better future for our country and the world.

It provides a solid foundation for forging a strong and united Democratic Party – a true party of the people that will lead a united citizenry to victory and put an end to the nightmare of corporate/Republican control of our government.

If enough candidates run on our platform and run as a team, we will win elections from sea to shining sea.  When those newly elected members of Congress keep the promise they have made and pass the legislation called for in Our Promise to America, this great country of ours will be greater than ever.

“Promoting and encouraging…the fulfillment by the Party of its platform pledge” is among the powers and duties of the Democratic National Committee as stated in the By-laws the Democratic Party.  DNC members who take that responsibility seriously are working together on the Democratic Platform Fulfillment Project.

A “Resolution to Fulfill Our Platform Pledges” (submitted by DNC member Winston Apple and adopted by the DNC) encourages Democratic members of Congress and Democratic candidates for Congress to actively support legislation drawn from our platform.

Polls indicate strong majorities of voters support the legislation called for in our platform.  If voters understand the differences between our vision and the Republican agenda, more voters will vote for Democratic candidates, we win seats, and gain control of Congress and state legislatures.  If our successful candidates then fulfill our platform pledges, we will improve the quality of life for tens of millions of our fellow Americans.

On March 27th at a signing ceremony and rally held in the Rotunda of the Capitol Building in Jefferson City, Missouri five Democratic candidates for Congress from Missouri became the first candidates to sign Our Promise to America.  Five additional candidates from Missouri who were unable to attend the signing ceremony have indicated their support and will sign soon.  Invitations to sign Our Promise to America will be extended to every Democratic candidate for Congress throughout the country.

This website is designed to provide information to interested candidates and concerned citizens regarding “Our Promise to America” and provide a means of communicating and coordinating our efforts to win elections and keep these promises.