“What this campaign is about is creating a political revolution in America.  A revolution which takes on the greed of Wall Street and corporate America.  A revolution which takes on the reality that the Republican Party is essentially owned by big money interests and too many Democrats are owned by big money interests.” – Bernie Sanders

The Democratic Platform is the key to taking on the influence of big money interests within the Democratic Party.  It was drafted by a committee made up of supporters of both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.  Members of the platform committee did the hard work of compromising and reaching consensus.  The platform they drafted (adopted by vote of the delegates to the national convention) provides a solid foundation for bringing the populist uprising that Bernie inspired into and through the Democratic Party.

If we field enough Democratic candidates who will run on our platform and run as a team, we can neutralize or eliminate corporate influence within the party.  If we forge a strong and united Democratic Party, we can end the nightmare of corporate control of our government, and make this great country of ours greater than ever.

“Promoting and encouraging…the fulfillment by the Party of its platform pledge” is among the powers and duties of the Democratic National Committee as stated in the By-laws the Democratic Party.  DNC members who take that responsibility seriously are working together on the Democratic Platform Fulfillment Project.

A “Resolution to Fulfill Our Platform Pledges” was submitted to the Democratic National Committee prior to its October 2017 meeting by DNC member Winston Apple.  That resolution (which was adopted by acclamation by the DNC on October 21, 2017) “encourages current Democratic members of Congress who are not already cosponsors of legislation drawn from our platform to cosponsor the legislation and to work diligently to move the legislation through Congress to the greatest extent possible, even if our chances of immediate success are hampered by our minority status; and encourages every non-incumbent Democratic candidate for Congress to pledge support for specific legislation drawn from our platform.”

The Democratic Party platform presents a powerful, pragmatic vision for a better future for our country and the world.  Polls indicate strong majorities of voters support the legislation called for in our platform.  If voters understand the differences between our vision and the Republican agenda, more voters will vote for Democratic candidates, we win seats, and gain control of Congress and state legislatures.  If our successful candidates then fulfill our platform pledges, we will improve the quality of life for tens of millions of our fellow Americans.

“Our Promise to America” is the centerpiece of the Democratic Platform Fulfillment Project.  It consists of the ten pieces of legislation, drawn directly from the Democratic Party platform, that would do the most good for the most people.  You will find the details of each proposal, and information related to each proposal, under the “Platform Pledges” tab on this web site.

We are asking Democratic members of Congress, who have not already done so, to sign on as cosponsors of this legislation.  (In two cases, the legislation still needs to be drafted and introduced.)  We are also encouraging Democratic candidates for Congress to promise to actively support this same legislation, if elected.

We are encouraging Democratic parties in each state to draft state-specific versions of “Our Promise to America” for each state and to conduct state-level platform fulfillment projects.

This website is designed to provide information to voters regarding the Democratic Platform Fulfillment Project and “Our Promise to America” and to increase the impact of this project by publicizing which Democratic candidates for seats in Congress are participating in the project and promising to support the legislation included in “Our Promise to America.”