Most voters have had enough of politics-as-usual.  We know that our political system is broken and dysfunctional.  What can we do to fix it? 

We need to start with the end in mind.  What do we (the people) want from our government?  Polls indicate strong majorities of voters support the legislation called for in Our Promise to America: true full employment at decent wages, affordable health care, excellent schools for all students, a fair and simple tax code, and more genuinely democratic elections.

Our goal is to elect candidates who will vote in favor of this legislation to majorities in both houses of Congress.  Our Promise to America is a plan to make it easier to accomplish that goal.  Our Promise to America will help concerned citizens make informed decisions about which candidates to support by identifying the candidates who have joined in promising to support this legislation.

United we win.  When candidates who have joined in making Our Promise to America are elected to majorities in Congress and pass the legislation called for in Our Promise to America, we will have made history.  And this great country of ours will be greater than ever.

This website is designed to provide information regarding Our Promise to America, give candidates a place to sign on, and give concerned citizens a place to sign up to help candidates who have signed get elected.

Robert M. LaFollette once observed that “If the people want a government of their own, they must do the work of making it their own.”  We are doing the work that needs to be done.  If you are a candidate for Congress, please sign on.  If you are a concerned citizen, sign up to help.  When enough voters vote like it matters – it will.