Our Promise to America Introduced by Missouri Candidates for Congress

Winston Apple was joined by four candidates for Congress to introduce “Our Promise to America.” The below is the text from our press release following the event. The Jefferson City News Tribune covered the event, and their article can be found here. More video below.

Our Promise to America Introduced by Missouri Candidates for Congress

At a signing ceremony held in the rotunda of the State Capitol building in Jefferson City, Missouri on Tuesday, five Democratic candidates for Congress from Missouri became the first candidates to sign “Our Promise to America” – promising to actively support ten specific pieces of legislation drawn from the Democratic Party platform that would do the most to improve the lives of regular Americans.

The introduction by Winston Apple of his “Our Promise to America” makes the top story in the Jefferson City News Tribute. Click photo to see the story.

“Encouraging fulfillment of the party’s platform pledge is one of the primary responsibilities of the Democratic National Committee,” says Winston Apple, a DNC member and candidate for Congress from Missouri. “We take that responsibility seriously.” Apple worked with fellow candidates, DNC members, and political activists to select the legislation to be included in Our Promise to America.

Winston Apple was joined in Jefferson City by fellow house candidates John Messmer, John Farmer de la Torre, and Vince Jennings, as well as senate candidate Angelica Earl.  Each of the candidates in attendance discussed two of the ten bills included in Our Promise to America.  Five other candidates from Missouri, who were unable to attend the signing ceremony, have indicated their support for the campaign and are expected to sign on soon.

In his opening remarks at the signing ceremony, Apple acknowledged that the Contract with America, employed quite successfully by Newt Gingrich on behalf of the Republican Party in 1994, gave rise inspiration for to Our Promise to America, adding, “Anything Newt can do, we can do better.”  Republicans gained 54 seats and took over the House.

Seven of the ten pieces of legislation included in Our Promise to America have already been introduced into one, or both, houses of Congress, including the Off Fossil Fuels for a Better Future Act, the Choice Act (which provides a public option for health insurance), a constitutional amendment to make it clear that corporations are not people, and another amendment replacing the Electoral College with direct election of the president and vice-president.

Among the legislation called for in Our Promise to America that has not yet been introduced is a call for federal funding, combined with local control, for free public education “from preschool through high school and beyond.”  Perhaps the boldest proposal is for a Full Employment Act that would guarantee every worker in America a socially-useful job that pays enough “to raise a family and live in dignity with a sense of purpose.”

“The next step is to invite every Democratic candidate for Congress, incumbents and non-incumbents alike, to join we five candidates from Missouri to sign Our Promise to America,” says Apple.  “While this initiative is led by Democratic candidates and incorporates legislation called for in the Democratic Party platform, independent candidates and candidates from other political parties are welcome to join in promising to support the legislation included in Our Promise to America.”

Smiling in casual remarks after the ceremony, Apple expressed his hope that “one prominent and popular independent candidate from Vermont would be among those to join Democrats in this effort.”

Winston Apple introduces “Our Promise to America.” And then dreams!

Winston Apple full video for “Our Promise to America” introduction